Who is the right Merchant Services Provider?

It’s not the lowest rate that counts, it’s the lowest cost!

Don’t be Fooled By Marketing Tricks:

Many Merchant Service Providers advertise “low rates.” Fees and price variables can be manipulated to mislead a customer to believe they are paying the lowest price, but they are not. Either a customer will be told they do not qualify for their advertised “low rates” or are led to believe they have the advertised low discount rate only to discover – after the contract is signed – that it was only an introductory offer.

There are NO Special Interchange Rates from Visa, Mastercard or Discover. All processors pay the same amount.

Give Kerry a call or visit our Contact page for other options. I will provide an apples-to-apples comparison of your current services to my proposed services.

As an Authorized Sales Rep for Nationwide Payments, I WILL help unravel the jargon and find the best solution to fit YOUR needs. Nationwide Payments providea credit card processing with No gimmicks or charades. Just honest, reliable service.