Who is the right Merchant Services Provider?

It’s not the lowest rate that counts, it’s the lowest cost!

Don’t be Fooled By Marketing Tricks:

Many Merchant Service Providers advertise “low rates.” Fees and price variables can be manipulated to mislead a customer to believe they are paying the lowest price, but they are not. Either a customer will be told they do not qualify for their advertised “low rates” or are led to believe they have the advertised low discount rate only to discover – after the contract is signed – that it was only an introductory offer.

There are NO Special Interchange Rates from Visa, Mastercard or Discover. All processors pay the same amount.

Give us a call or visit our Contact page for other options. At Nationwide Payments, we WILL help unravel the jargon and find the best solution to fit YOUR needs. We provide credit card processing with No gimmicks or charades. Just honest, reliable service.